1.1. The Ekiti State All Progressives Congress (APC) Stakeholders Meeting held
on Friday, July 2, 2021, in Ado- Ekiti, Ekiti State.
1.2. The meeting was convened in furtherance of the notice to all members of the
party published in print media and further communicated state-wide via
electronic media as well as text messages and notices on Ekiti State APC
social media platforms.
Purpose of the Meeting
The Purpose of the meeting was to:
2.1. Review the State of the Party in the 177 wards, 16 local governments and the
State levels with a view to promoting and fostering the unity, stability, and
consciousness of party members.

2.2. Discuss the timetable and schedule of activities for the APC 2021 Nationwide
Congresses as issued by National Secretariat and agree on practical guidelines
for the conduct of congresses in Ekiti State.
2.3. Discuss the public notice on registration of voters issued by the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC), and its implication for citizens’
mobilisation in Ekiti State.
2.4. Discuss any other matter that in the opinion of any member is crucial to the
efficient administration of the party.
3. Participation
The Stakeholders meeting was attended by the following:
3.1. The State Chairman and Members of the Caretaker Working Committee.
3.2. The State Governor and Deputy Governor.
3.3. The Former Governor and Honourable Minister, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Representing Ekiti State.
3.4. Former Deputy Governors who are members of the party from Ekiti State.
3.5. Serving and past members of the National Assembly who are members of the
party from Ekiti State.
3.6. All serving and past members of the State House of Assembly who are
members of the party from Ekiti State.
3.7. All Local Government Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen.
3.8. Councillors of Local Government Areas.

3.9. Chairmen and Secretaries of the Party in the Local Government Areas.
3.10. Representatives of the Ekiti State APC Council of Elders.
3.11. 160 Delegates representing the 177 Wards in Ekiti State.
In attendance were:
3.12. Her Excellency, Wife of the Governor, Ekiti State
3.13. Other Political Office holders who attended as observers.
4. Decisions and Conclusions
4.1. Affirmation of Unity
4.1.1. The leaders and stakeholders present affirmed that the All
Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, is one big, united family,
and there is only one unified party structure that accommodates the
interests of all bonafide party members.
4.1.2. The meeting further emphasised the need for all party members to
eschew divisive tendencies but rather work towards ensuring the party
is more inclusive and consultative across the board in reaching key
decisions that affect all members.
4.2. Commendation on Good Governance in Ekiti State
4.2.1. The meeting noted the achievements of the administration of Dr.
Kayode Fayemi that has impacted every town and village in the state.

4.2.2. Meeting commended the administration for consciously pursuing the
implementation of the policies and programmes of the APC thereby
bolstering the acceptability of the party in the State.
4.3. Guidelines for the Conduct of State Congresses
Meeting reviewed the timetable and schedule of activities for the APC 2021
Nationwide Congresses as issued by the National Secretariat and adopted the
following practical guidelines for the conduct of congresses in Ekiti State:
4.3.1. Only fully registered and financial up to date members of the party shall
have the right to vote and be voted for into any of the elective positions.
4.3.2. All elective party positions prescribed by the Constitution of the APC
2014 (as amended) shall for the purposes of the congresses be filled by
democratically conducted elections subject where possible to consensus, provided that where a candidate has emerged by consensus for an elective position, a vote of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by ballot or voice shall be called to ensure that it was not an imposition.
4.3.3. No member of the party that currently holds an elective or appointive
position in government or is in the service of the Government of Ekiti
State shall be eligible to stand for election to any position in the party.
4.3.4. Any member that has served for a continuous period of 8 years on a
particular party position shall not be eligible to stand for election to the
same position.
4.3.5. Congresses shall be conducted in compliance with the APCs affirmative
action policy. Specifically, positive steps shall be taken to increase the participation and representation of women and differently abled persons
in different party structures. Accordingly, all women and differently abled people shall only pay 50% of the cost of the nomination forms for
any position being contested.
4.3.6. There would be mass publicity of the dates and venues of the congresses
to ensure all members are well informed, towards broad based participation and the overall success. Accordingly, the respective
venues of each of the congresses at the wards, local governments, and
state levels, shall be communicated to all stakeholders and pasted at the party offices and venues of the congresses across the state.
4.3.7. Officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
and security personnel shall be present during congresses to ensure a transparent, fair, safe, and secure process.
4.3.8. The right of complaint of any aggrieved member/candidate is guaranteed. Without prejudice to the provisions of the APC
Constitution on dispute resolution, the Ekiti State APC Elders Forum shall set up a reconciliation committee to review complaints or
allegations of breaches from the State Congresses.
5. Voters Registration
5.1. All party members are enjoined to actively participate in the INEC
mobilisation programme for the on-going voters registration exercise.
6. Next Steps/Conclusion
6.1. The State Party Secretariat will distribute this communiqué to all wards and
local government structures in the State. All stakeholders are enjoined to
support the secretariat in this regard.
7. Gratitude
7.1. The Stakeholders expressed their gratitude and reaffirmed their confidence in
the Chairman and members of the Ekiti State Caretaker Working Committee
for the inclusive and consultative way they have administered the affairs of
the party.
Barrister Paul Omotosho
Chairman, Ekiti State APC Caretaker Working Committee


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