Nigeria has been elected as a Regular Member of the Governing Board of the International Labour Organisation(ILO) at the ongoing 109th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Nigeria was elected to the apex leadership organ of the ILO alongside other African countries – Cameroon, Eswatini, Morocco, Rwanda and Uganda in a keenly contested election and will serve till 2024.

Until yesterday’s 14TH June, 2021 election , Nigeria had served as deputy or titular from June 2017, from where she was elected the chair of the Governing Board of the ILO in 2019. This is the eleventh time Nigeria is elected for quality representation of the Africa Region of the ILO.

In this new position, Nigeria will be able to chair various Governing Board sessions and committees, oversee adoption of decisions usually by consensus, as well as amendments of minutes and records of proceedings, adoption of reports of various committees, including the reports of regional meetings and other ILO sectoral meetings.

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