President Buhari reaffirms commitment to democratic values.

President Muhammadu Buhari says his commitment to democratic values remains resolute.

President Buhari spoke during his June 12 Democracy Day Broadcast said he remain committed to providing an enabling environment for a free, fair and credible electoral system under my tenure.

He urged people to play their part by getting involved at any level they can supporting a democratic system that works for all and not for a section or a select few and demand accountability from their elected leaders.

In responding to the challenges that this period imposes on the nation, Buhari said Government also recognises the need to acknowledge notions of marginalisation and agitations for constitutional amendments among various segments of our population.

He noted that while government is not averse to constitutional reform as part of our nation-building process, everyone must understand that the primary responsibility for constitutional amendments lies with the National Assembly.

The president said government is however, willing to play a critical role in the constitutional amendment process without usurping the powers of the National Assembly in this regard.

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