Yoruba Mandate Group advocates improved security of lives and property of the Nation

The Convener of Yoruba Mandate Group worldwide, Akogun Banjo Ojo has advocates improved security of lives and property in the country.

While speaking with newsmen at ltapa Ekiti in Oye Local government Areas of Ekiti state, Akogun Ojo said the rate at which the security of the nation is being treatened must be addressed ,as the spate of killing, kidnapping,banditaries , insurgency among other criminalities are having negative effects on Nigerians at home and in diaspora.

Akogun Ojo,said the dream of the Yorubas is adequate restructuring of the nation to address the contemporary challenges the Nation is facing.

“What we are talking about is that there must be peace and adequate security, as everybody must be vigilant and alert security when necessary”

“We the Yoruba Mandate group,we believe that peace and security is important and there is no need for us not to divide each other ,there are little elements causing disunity among us as a nation,and l believe the security operatives are working on it and what we need to do is to maintain peace and let peace reign”

“We should look beyond 2023, because with the situation at hand,a lot of people are agitating for Yoruba Nation, others are agitating for restructuring,while others are clamouring for 2023.Let’s give glory to God, the South West has been assigned for the presidential election 2023 and we believe,one of the prominent leaders will emerge irrespective of the state,so that a lot of lapses can be corrected,you know Yoruba people are very dynamic,there is no one that is not qualified to be the leader in Yoruba race,” Akogun added

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