NPHCDA affirms safety of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine.

The Executive Director, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr.Faisal Shuaib,has said the agency is aware of precautionary concerns being raised regarding one specific batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine, ABV5300.

Dr.Shuaib in a statement says investigations are being conducted to determine if the batch is in any way linked to an observed side effect, adding that Nigeria did not receive any doses from the batch of vaccines of which concerns are being raised.
According to the statement,all side effects reported by those who have been administered the vaccine have been mild, a satisfied clinical evidence indicating the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to be safe and effective.
The NPHCDA CEO also affirmed that the assessment is in line with countries such as Spain and the UK who have indicated that they will continue to administer the vaccine, because it remains an important tool to protect citizens against COVID-19.
He says developments regarding ABV5300 batch are being monitored and will share further information as it becomes available while encouraging Nigerians prioritized in the current phase to take the vaccine.

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