For the country
to mitigate devastating effects of all sorts of pollutions, the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council has urged government to strengthen and enforce legislation particularly to enable the respective regulatory authorities address and combat prevailing environmental challenges.
A statement by the Executive Secretary, NIREC, Prof. Cornelius Omonokhua attributed Nigeria’s environmental pollution to improper disposal of domestic wastes, wrongful or excessive use of agro-allied chemicals, which mostly wash down the hydro sources causing blockage to waterways and conseqyently flooding.
The statement also says, Oil Spillage is responsible for the death of most plants and aquatic animals, impacting negatively on the means of livelihood of the host community.
Improper chemical waste disposal by industries and emissions of carbon monoxide from automobiles and industries also contribute to the air pollution.
NIREC is asking for stiffer penalties for such violations
Indiscriminate burning of bushes and felling of trees without replanting and devastating effects of climate change are other issues that NIREC is also urging government to address.

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