Bayelsa State Government bans open grazing

The Governor of Bayelsa State
Douye Diri has assented to the Livestock Breeding, Rearing and Marketing Regulation Law 2021 prohibiting open grazing of livestock in the state.
Governor Diri said the essence of the law is to ensure harmonious living between cattle dealers and other inhabitants of the state and to forestall the violent clashes being experienced in other parts of the country adding that the people of Bayelsa want to have a mutual and harmonious relationship with non-natives and natives.
According to him,the law stipulates that any herdsman found with arms, whether licenced or not, should be arrested.
The law prohibits the movement of cattle on foot from other parts of the country into the state, inspection of livestock and certification by veterinary doctors at entry points into the state among others.
“From the commencement of the law, no person shall breed, rear or trade in livestock in the state in any other place as may be designated by the committee and approved by the state government.”
Governor Diri also stated that the law establishes a livestock management committee to regulate livestock activities in the state.
The committee members include the Commissioner for Agriculture, security agencies, youths and others.

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