Ekiti State Government has extended the initial 14 Day Lockdown in the State, by another 14 Days.

In a Statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Biodun Oyebanji,Government explains that the Move is neccessary in view of similar efforts by Neighbouring states which will help curb the futher spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic

This means there will be restriction of Movement of Persons and Goods with the Only exceptions the essential services. Closure of major Markets in the State have also been included in the new plan

All boundaries of the State shall also remain closed during the period of extension, except for transportation of fuel, and essential goods.
All commuter transport services including bus
services, taxi services, motorbikes (Okada) and tricycle services (Keke NAPEP), are also banned within this period.

The Government however gave citizens the grace of Thursday 16th and Thursday 23rd of April between the hours of 6am to 2pm to restock and do necessities.

There is no active case of Corona Virus in Ekiti State, as the two previous cases have tested Negative and have been discharged

The Government Further States:

Wearing of Masks. In compliance with recent findings on causes of the spread of
COVID -19, wearing of facemasks in public places will be compulsory from 14th April,
Government is finalizing arrangements to make facemasks available to persons on
essential duties, including foodstuff sellers in markets.
On-Line Education. The school –on- air programme for primary and secondary
school students will continue during the period. The Ministry of Education, Science and
Technology has been directed to continue to improve on the modalities for ensuring
effective delivery of this programme.
Establishment of Test Center. Government is making efforts to set up a COVID 19
test center in the state. This is one of the major tasks of the Covid-19 Response Resource
Mobilisation Committee, recently set up by the government to mobilise funds and manage
projects to prevent the spread of this pandemic.
Government Palliative Measures: Government will continue to intensify on going
measures specifically in response to the hardship being experienced by people across the
state. Government’s strategy is made up of three parts:
! Firstly, an intensified public health response to slow down and reduce infections.
! Secondly, a comprehensive package of economic support measures to assist
businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic.
! Thirdly, a programme of increased social support to protect poor and vulnerable
The State Government will be providing additional palliatives to respond both to the
immediate crisis and to the severe economic challenges that we must confront in the months
ahead. Further announcements on the next phase of Government’s economic and social
support strategy will be made in due course.
Gratitude: The State Government is grateful for the patience and understanding of
Ekiti kete. The global evidence on the effects of COVID- 19 is overwhelming. It confirms
that the measures we have taken is correct and timely in preventing the devastating effect of
this disease on the health and well being of all resident in Ekiti State. While it is too early to
make a definitive analysis of the progression of the disease in Ekiti State, there is sufficient
evidence to show that these measures are working.
Conclusion: The struggle against the Coronavirus disease requires fundamental
changes in behavior from all of us. Until we have contained the virus, the same rules
remain. Shaking hands, hugging, sitting close to each other and other forms of physical
contact enable this virus to be transmitted, and must be avoided. We must continue to wash our hands frequently

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