Nutritionist Charges Women on Alkaline Diet To Remain Healthy At Menopause …As NAWOJ Marks International Women’s Day in Ekiti.

Women have been advised to base their food intakes on Alkaline Diet To Remain Healthy At Menopause.

A Nutritionist and Lecturer at Federal Polytechnic Ado-EKiti Dr Olubukola Babalola gave the submission during an Health Lecture organized by the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists NAWOJ EKiti State Chapter to commemorate this year’s edition of the International Women’s Day.

The Health Lecture titled: Women/Challenges of Menopause came up on weekend ,at NUJ Secretariat,Old governor’s office,in Ado-EKiti.

Dr Babalola who urged women to shun Junk food as a detriment to health , noted that reproductive abilities of women seized at Menopause, because of reduction in Oestrogene Production,

“Menopause Sets in at 50 and above,there is reduction in the production of Oestrogene.There are food to eat at this time.

“God has laid down rules to make people Healthy,He told us what we have to eat

“Alkaline Diet will do your body a lot of good,it will curb hot flashes , depression and other symptoms of Menopause.

“Alkaline Diets are fruits and vegetables.There is also Alkaline water.Some water are acidic ,some believe bottled water is the best whereas well water at your backyard is good

“When there is acidic food and water in the body , blood will extract water to keep afloat,it will go to leg bones , extract calcium, that’s why some aged develop arthritis’

Babalola added that Alkaline Diet are very affordable and could also be derived from watermelon

“No part of watermelon is a waste,it contains more nutrients with a natural Viagra

“There is no synthetic drug that doesn’t have side effects, the best option is to make natural food the treatment

“Vitamin C level of Menopausal Woman drops with age ,we need to boost it ,make vegetables/fruits as friends”

Delivering Lecture on the topic,(Women/Challenges of Menopause) the Guest lecturer,Dr Taofeek Yekini urged women on regular exercise to manage the symptoms of Menopause.

“Regular exercise and cutting off caffeine will reduce symptoms of Menopause.

“Oestrogene is a popular hormone in the body,once Menopause sets in, Oestrogene withdraws

“Soya milk is a high source of Oestrogene to ameliorate the symptoms and address insomnia , depression, dryness in vagina

“When the symptoms become unbearable, Doctors can give Hormone Replanta with supervision”

NAWOJ Vice president Zone B Mrs Morenike Esan at the program enjoined Women to support and build fellow Women,she also urged men to support women to achieve stable homes in society

“If the home is peaceful, Women will radiate joy

” Men,Treat your women nicely , to enable them bring Up your children properly . Women should also ensure they cooperate and respect their husbands.Treat him with love”

Delivering her speech,the Chairperson of NAWOJ in EKiti,Mrs Fatima Bello said Women Journalists in the State decided to focus on Health being crucial in every aspect.

“It is a healthy woman who can participate in developmental , political, economic or Gender issues.

“In this respect, NAWOJ is looking at menopausal Challenges of Women to provide adequate education and enlightenment in connection with the challenges

“It is important to note that Women whose involvement are essential to Gender Activism fall in this category.

” They need proper enlightenment to provide them with the opportunity of safeguarding their health for functional in the advocacy”

The Chairman Nigeria Union of Journalist NUJ EKiti State Council Comrade Rotimi Ojomoyela represented by his Vice,Mrs Ronke Samo said the messages would be impactful to women.

Women Organizations from different sectors such as Women Wing of NLC, Women Lawyers (FIDA), Women living with Disabilities, Women Wing of CAN, Federation of Muslim Women (FOMWAN) among others, in the State attended the Health Lecture.

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