February 21 is International Mother Language Day declared by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Events, workshops and even tweets on this date promote awareness.

UNESCO: “Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. All moves to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.”

In Ekiti State, schools students were seen in their various traditional attires dressing properly promoting the Yoruba traditional dress.
In some schools visited, there were symposium and talks on the need for all to collaborate to rescue the Yoruba tradition and culture from going into extinction.
Stakeholders including teachers and parents want more attention to be focused on teaching the children the language and our culture so as to save them from the domination of the foreign or Western culture.

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